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Chinese Valve Market and International Valve Market

 Tuesday, 10 March 2020  Back List

In the aspect of the overall valve market, the valve market is classified into Chinese valve market and international market.
1. Chinese valve market
Chinese valve market is classified into new project market, expansion project market, old device maintenance market and renovation project market. 
Common valve products have already occurred serious oversupply while suppressing each other between enterprises, disordered competition, fake and shoddy goods, non-standard market result in some valve manufacturers having significant losses in successive years due to bitter competition. In the aspect of market demand, with market economy developing and completing, especially China joining in World Trade Organization (WTO), market changing is larger and larger, and the enterprises are influenced by market more and more intensively. Customers have higher and higher requirements for products on market, while they also require that the period for product developing and production is shorter and shorter. 
2. International market
International market is quite active in recent years, and the competition is also fairly furious. Import and export of valve in East Asia and Southeast Asia grow significantly. Market trade in North America, European Union and other developed countries is developing constantly. Moreover, export in Germany, Italy, Japan and China is expanding, import in the U.S., UK, France and other countries growing rapidly. All of these factors form supporting point of flourishing. Due to global economy internationalizing further, transnational corporations will constantly promote international market to develop. Regionalization of international market has already become another feature.
There are more than 2,300 valve manufacturing corporations, which can supply various valve products having more than 3,500 categories and 40,000 specifications. 
(1) Valves used for urban construction: urban construction generally adopts low pressure valves which are developing into environmental protection and energy-saving. Environmental rubber sheet valve, balance valve, center line butterfly valve and metal sealing butterfly valve are gradually taking place of low pressure cast iron gate valve. In China, urban buildings mainly use balance valve, soft sealing gate valve and butterfly valve.
(2) Valves used for urban heat supplying: urban heat supplying system needs large numbers of metal sealing butterfly valve, balance valve and direct buried ball valve. The valves can figure out longitudinal and transversal hydraulic disorder in pipe, realizing energy conservation and heat balance. 
(3) Valves used for environmental protection: in Chinese environmental protection system, water supply system mainly uses center line butterfly valve, soft sealing gate valve, ball valve and vent valve (used to exhaust air inside pipelines). Soft sealing gate valve and butterfly valve are also used for sewage treatment system. 
(4) Valves used for urban gas: urban gas accounts for 22% of the whole gas market, having high usage of valve, also needing various types of valves, mainly including ball valve, plug valve, reducing valve and safety valve. 
(5) Valves used for long distant transmission pipeline: long distant transmission pipeline is mainly oil and gas pipeline. The pipeline mainly uses forged steel full bore ball valve, sulfur resistant flat gate valve, safety valve and check valve.

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