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Segment V Port Ball Valve

V port Segment ball valve is a quarter-turn control valve. V port valve core is designed with a special V shape notch. Segment ball valve is one type of ball valves, its closure is a half ball with V port which has sharp edges. during operation the valve, friction action will be occurred between its closures that producing a strong shearing force to the medium, and a fan-shaped area will be formed between V port of the ball and the port of seat ring, so the section are of flow port can be changed…

Full welded ball valve

Full Welded Ball Valve is an isolation valve. It adopts trunnion mounted ball, forged metal parts, fully welded body design. The forged metal ensures the quality of the body and trim. The fully welded bonnet ensures the strength and rigidity of the valve while eliminates the possibility of medium leakage. The double floating seats and bi-directional sealing design adopts unique two layer soft sealing and metal to metal sealing, the triple sealing structure ensures the reliable sealing performance…

Flanged 3 way ball valve

3 way ball valve is used for dividing or mixing fluids and other special working media.including Full Bore and Reduced Bore 3-Way, 2-Seats,”L” Port Available with soft seats or metal seats. Each offers a range of performance suitable to many applications also 3 Way Top Entry, 4-Seats, “L” Port and “T” Port Used for diverting or mixing fluids. The 4-seat design offers additional port arrangements. A greater Cv value is achieved in most sizes. Media trapped in the valve cavity is reduced subs…

120 Degree 135 Degree Y Type 3 Way Ball Valves

3 way ball valve 120 degrees Y-type way ball valve with each other to 120,135 two kinds of body structure, Y-type 3 way ball valve flow smooth, fluid resistance small, with strong flow ability. When switching medium without retention and will not cause secondary pollution. Complete with electric actuator, pneumatic actuator to realize automation control.

2 Piece Thread Ball Valve

2 Piece Thread Ball Valve is probably the most widely used ball valve in general applications. Suitable for just about any application where a simple on/off action is needed. 2 piece ball valve will open or shut off flow on most liquids and gases quickly and easily. Also referred to as a two-way ball valve, since it allows flow in any direction straight through from inlet to outlet. The two piece ball valve has one body joint for cleaning and servicing, making it easier to clean than the 1 piece …

3 Piece Thread End Ball Valve

3 Piece Thread End Ball Valve with high performance structure, have kinds of end connecting such as 3 piece threaded ball valve, 3 piece butt-welded ball valve, 3 piece socket-welded ball valve, 3piece clamped ball valve, 3piece flanged ball valve, 3piece high pressure ball valve etc. Mainly used to cut off or adjust the direction of the medium in pipeline, the 3 piece ball valve provides ease of operation with quarter-turn 90 degree open to close, and convenient for pneumatic control and electri…