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Tilting Disc Check Valve

Tilting Disc Check Valve on the pipeline media itself the flow generated by a force which open and close automatically,belonging to an automatic valve. check valve for pipeline system, its main function is to prevent the return of the media, to prevent the pump and driving motors reversing and container medium discharge. Check valve also can be used to give the pressure is higher than main system auxiliary system for supplying pipeline.

Wafer Single Plate Lift Check Valve

Single plate wafer lift check valves prevent reverse flow with disc movement that is parallel with the flow. With this design, the disc is always in the flow path. Discs are spring-loaded to assist in seating. These single plate wafer type lift check valves are bonnetless and are installed between flanges. The type of check valve disc has very short disc travel and responds very quickly to flow stoppage or reversal, thus minimizing the potential for water hammer. It is somewhat better than the ti…

Thin Type Wafer Single Disc Swing Check Valve

Check valves is usually installed in pipeline system,prevent medium from flowing back.check valve is automatic valve that it is opened and closed by pressure of fluid.In the past, we use H44 flange coupling swing type check valves&H44 flange coupling lift type check valve.Traditional check valves volume is big,strong resistance of fluid,Water-hammers pressure is high when valves close,repair and installation is inconvenient,service life is not long. Against the problem of traditional check va…

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Triple offset butterfly valve is the best open and closure device in the pipeline and leads the trend of open and closure devise,its main features are quick open and closure,Triple eccentric metal butterfly valve can easily achieve by rotating 90C .Triple eccentric butterfly valve enables automated remote control;simple structure,small size,light weight,small installation space:metal seated and soft seated structure can be used in a variety of conditions,Triple eccentric butterfly valve has good …

Concentric Resilient Seat Butterfly Valve

Concentric Resilient Seat Butterfly Valve has very strong corrosion resistance and erosion resistance capability with long service life. The disc material is duplex stainless steel, such as 2205, 1.4529 and so on, which have extremely strong resistance to chlorine ion corrosion (resistance to chloride ion 40000ppm), high surface hardness and strong comprehensive mechanical properties, especially for slurry application. Austenitic stainless steel can also be used according to the working condition…

ANSI-DIN Ventilation butterfly valve for Fume gas

Ventilation butterfly using the same material into the valve body seals, the applicable temperature varies depending on the selection valve, nominal pressure ≤ 0.6MPa, generally applicable to industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, regulating media flow conduit for ventilation purposes, its main features is:1. Novel design, reasonable, unique structure, light weight, open and close quickly.2.Operating torque is small, easy to operate, smart victory.3. Using materials adapted to meet diff…