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Cast Steel Gate Valve

Cast steel gate valves can only be fully opened and fully closed to be used for cutting in the pipeline.The entire flow channel is a straight-through passage when the valve is fully-open, and the pressure loss of medium running is minimum.Gate valve is usually for working condition in which the valve is not opened or closed frequently, Its not suitable for adjustment or throttling.The most important feature of the cast steel gate valve of TANA machine is that they can be ensured that the permissi…

Knife gate valve

TANA knife gate valves are available in various designs, one-piece body and two-piece bodies, rising stem and non-rising stem, uni-direction and bi-direction structures, resilient and metal seat rings, bonnetless and bolted bonnet designs. For optional designs, deflection cone could divert the flow of abrasive slurries and protect valve seat from abrasion, V port disc and through conduit design are used for throttling service, per customers requirements.

DIN standard Gate Valve

DIN standard gate valve has bellow features: Outside Screw and Yoke,Bolted Bonnet ,Flexible Wedge, Full Guided,Rising Stem and Non-Rising Handwheel, Welded Seat Ring,The material has GS-C25,CF8,CF8M. Application:Industry, powerstations, flue gas purification plant, processing technology, gas supply, vapour facilities, recycling facilities, vacuum facilities, hot water, thermal oil applications, general plant manufacturing, etc. Medium:Steam, gases, hot water, thermal oil, ammonia etc.

Cast iron gate valve

Cast iron gate valve provides full flow with minimal pressure drop. The cast iron gate valve has flat face end connection for easy installation and accessibility. Outside screw and yoke (OS&Y) and Non-rising stem gate valves structure,Outside screw and yoke (OS&Y) gate valves are recommended when positive shutoff and a quick visual indicator of open/closed position is required. Non-rising resilient seated gate valves solve the problem in general gate valves such as leakage, rusting etc.an…

Forged steel gate valves

TANA forged steel gate valves have set their own standards in many industries, much like our super-specialty valves. Available in sizes, from 1/4” to 2” for pressure 800lb ~2500lb with forged carbon steel (ASTM A105N); forged alloy steel (ASTM A 182 Gr. FS/F11/F22); forged stainless steel (ASTM A 182 Gr. F304/F304L); forged stainless steel (ASTM A 182 Gr. F316/F316L). Rotary table surface grinding and imported lapping machines ensure a fine surface finish of 100% leak-tightness. The trim mater…

Pressure seal gate valve

The design and manufacture of high-pressure valve is in accordance with API600, the High Pressure Seal Gate Valves has a beautiful shape, compact structure, reliable sealing. Valve for the Class 900lb-Class2500lb various tubes on the road. High-pressure self-sealing valve has the following advantages: 1) Self-sealing high-pressure valve allows the structure of the valve body, valve cover tight junction structure, the provincial Public Works save cost, safe and reliable. 2) valve pressure in the v…