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Gate valve

Metal seat wedge bypass gate valve

TANA Bypass gate valves have the back seating design.For stainless steel gate valve, the back seat is machined directly in the bonnet or is machined after welding .When the gate valve is at fully open position, the sealing of the back seat can be very reliable .However, as per the requirement of API600, it is not advisable to add or change packing by the mean of back seating when the valve is pressure containing.

Slab gate valve

Slab Gate Valves(Parallel type gate valves, Through Conduit Gate Valves)are widely used in oil, natural gas long-distance pipelines and gas fields as open/close control valves. Valves used in forging or casting body, the gate designed with diversion holes, non-diversion holes; single plate and double plate structure; Seat used bi-direction seal seat which mainly based on the metal seat sealing and assisted with soft seat sealing as a second type of seal. The series of parallel type gate valve has…

Gost standard gate valve

Gost standard gate valve use a combination of die-formed flexible graphite and interbraided graphite in a predetermined arrangement to ensure an effective seal.Graphite packing achieves its maximum ability to isolate the atmosphere when it is contained within a chamber that is precise in finish and dimension.The cast steel russian standard gate valve.