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Check valve

ANSI Cast Steel Check Valve

ANSI Cast steel swing check valve which its opening &closing part itself opens by the flow force of medium to prevent the medium from flowing reversal,is called check valve.The check valve belongs to automatic valve.is mainly applied on the pipeline with single direction flow and only allows the medium flow at direction,which avoids the occurrence of accident. The check valve is divided into lift check valve,swing check valve and butterfly type check valve by the structure.The lift type check…

DIN swing check valve

DIN swing check valve is used to prevent back flow in the line. Flow is in a straight line through the valve resulting in minimal pressure drop. The disc swings into the open position as the media flows through the line. Back pressure in the line holds the disc in the closed position. Swing check valves may be installed in horizontal or vertical lines, but must be installed in proper relation to the media flow as indicated by the flow direction arrow marked on the body.

DIN Lift Check Valve

DIN lift Check Valves are the valves of stopping the fluid from backflow. The disc can be opened by the pressure of fluid.And then the fluid runs from the inlet to the outlet side.When the pressure of inlet is less than outlet ,the disc can be closed automatically and stop the fluid from backflow. (Rational Structures,Reliable Sealing;Hard-alloy seal ,Long Life)

Pressure Seal Check Valve

Pressure Seal Check Valves are ideal for high pressure steam, liquid, catalytic reformers, hydro crackers and other tough services. In the tough world of High pressure, High temperature valve applications, Pressure Seal Check Valve continue to provide a wide range of industries with a safe, leak free, pressure containing boundary. These valves are unidirectional and restrict flow from opposite direction. These are best suited for moderate velocity conditions. Check valves are normally designed fo…

Wafer Dual Plate Check Valve

wafer check valves, also known as dual plate check valves, have two spring loaded half-moon shaped discs that rotate about their shaft. The disc plates are kept shut by a torsion spring. When fluid flows in a forward direction, the pressure of the fluid causes the disc plates to swing open, allowing flow. The check valve is closed by the spring as soon as flow ceases, before any reverse flow can occur. The dual plate wafer check valves are a compact kind of check valve. With a small face to face …

Forged Steel Check Valve

TANA manufactures forged steel A105N check valve in three kinds bonnet design—Bolted Bonnet,Welded Bonnet and Pressure Sealed Bonnet. Forged steel swing check valve can automatically stop the medium backflow, through the force of the medium can open the disc of valves, check valves are open in this condition; through the check valve pressure difference of in and off, under the self-gravity of valve disc etc factors to shut off the hoist parts,in order to prevent the media back.To learn more abou…